Renewable Energy Section

CCREEE’s Sustainable Energy (Renewable Energy) Unit is tasked with support to key programmatic areas within the strategic programme including establishment of the Energy Modelling and Renewable Energy Integration Virtual Laboratory (EMREV), the Energy Access Programme and, the Emergency Response Mechanism and Climate Resilience Programme.

EMREV responds to the technological and capacity challenges to the deployment of renewable energy in the Caribbean by establishing a testing and modelling facility for energy technologies. The EMREV will provide information, strategic tools, training and lab-testing services to help optimize the investment profile of RE and EE projects, develop regional capacity, and advise policymakers. The EMREV will provide institutional capacity in energy sector modelling, building on the outputs of the Integrated Resource and Resilience Planning exercises that CCREEE is conducting in several countries.

The work of the EMREV dovetails with CCREEE’s Energy Access Programme, which aims to provide solutions for those Caribbean citizens still underserved by electricity grids through innovative off-grid technology deployment and human capacity development. Similarly, CCREEE’s Emergency Response Mechanism and Climate Resilience Programme seeks to provide solutions for emergency power access and potable water supply in partnership with disaster management entities across the region, in order to bolster the resilience of the Caribbean to climate change and disaster events.

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