Power Systems Expansion Division

CCREEE’s Power Systems Expansion Unit works in close conjunction with the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Units with the aim of development and project management of Integrated Resource and Resilience Plans (IRRPs) for CARICOM Member States in fulfilment of their energy planning objectives.

The IRRP programme identifies risks and weaknesses of the energy system in the advent of hazards and sets in place policies and action plans to mitigate or reduce the effect on the energy sector over the medium and long term period. This unit also supports grid modelling, and optimisation toward the establishment and implementation of the Energy Modelling and Renewable Energy Integration Virtual Laboratory (EMREV).

Mr. Algon Meikle

Mr. Algon Meikle

Power System Engineer

Algon Meikle is the Power System Engineer leading the work of the Power Systems Expansion Unit. With more than 25 years of experience in the electrical power industry, Mr Meikle has assessed the integration requirements for distributed energy resource projects including solar PV systems and wind farms and interconnection studies to ensure reliable connection under fault conditions with works within the Caribbean and North America. He is highly skilled with using power system analysis software to conduct critical grid assessment studies and develop solutions to ensure grid stability and economic viability.

Mr Meikle holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of the West Indies (St Augustine) and is a member of several professional bodies.

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