Project Development and Gender Unit

The Project Development and Gender Unit at the CCREEE supports the Centre’s strategic programme which focuses on seven thematic areas.  One of these areas is Finance and Project Support within which the Centre has identified the Project Preparation Facility (PPF) as a flagship project under this strategic programme.

The PPF provides technical assistance and expertise for conducting various activities associated with project development such as environmental studies, feasibility studies and due diligence activities among others, for sustainable energy projects to be implemented in CARICOM. The PPF will see the CCREEE channelling international assistance to tackle barriers to the development of high-quality sustainable energy projects across CARICOM.

This Unit also works to ensure that the CCREEE implements gender and youth responsive programmes and initiatives, which it believes is critical to its operations.  Through this Unit, gender and youth will also be mainstreamed by means of the Centre’s institutional governance structure and staff policy.

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