Finance Unit

CCREEE’s Finance Unit provides overarching and essential support to the wider team in the implementation of the organisation’s strategic and operational programmes. The Unit oversees and implements the financial planning and management for the Centre’s operations.

The Finance Unit is also specifically responsible for preparation of annual budgets, financial reporting to CCREEE’s management and development partners, other stakeholders and CCREEE’s Executive Board. It also provides oversight of procurement activities and adds critical depth to the financial management that assures the long-term financial sustainability of the Centre.

CCREEE’s Finance Unit advances a critical agenda in the organization mandate to assist the region with its medium to long term goals of attaining efficiencies and sustainability in energy usage.

Mr. Elson Jordan

Mr. Elson Jordan

Finance Manager

CCREEE’s Finance Manager is Mr. Elson Jordan, a regional accounting and finance professional with additional technical interests in the areas of strategic planning, governance frameworks, risk management, project and procurement management. A past president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean, Mr Jordan is an FCA and FCGA, IPSAS certified and has extensive training in the aforementioned technical areas.

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