Privacy Policy


The policies and practices of the CCREEE with respect to the collection and use of data and personal information collected through the CCREEE website are set out herein. Please take a moment and read through this policy before using our site. By using our site you signify your acceptance of and your agreement to be bound by the terms of the CCREEE privacy policy as may be amended from time to time as it relates to the collection, storage, use and disclosure by the CCREEE of information – including personal or sensitive information – collected from you, the user.

These policies and practices may be updated by the CCREEE from time to time. Further, certain features or functions of the CCREEE website may include additional or different privacy terms. Please review our privacy policy from time to time and please ensure that you review any privacy terms relative to any specific features or functions of the CCREEE website.

The CCREEE website uses Google Analytics to collect general data about visitors to the site. General data refers to anonymous individual or aggregated information in relation to matters such as the number of visitors to the site during a specific period, the country, city or town locations of visitors to the site, the specific web pages browsed during each visit and the total length of time a visitor spent browsing the site, where such information does not reveal the specific identity or personal information of any individual user. This information is used by the CCREEE solely for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the CCREEE site with a view to assisting us in improving the content and relevance of material made available on the site and optimizing our visitors’ browsing experience.

The CCREEE website also contains a page which enables visitors to contact the CCREEE via email. Contacting us via this method requires you to provide certain personal data. There may also from time to time be certain features or functions of our site which may require the provision by you of personal data and/or other sensitive information in order to facilitate access to and operation of those specific features or functions of the site. Your personal data or sensitive information is collected only for the purpose of and to the extent necessary to enable us to respond to you or to facilitate your access to or the operation of the relevant features or functions of the site or as may otherwise be required for CCREEE’s organisational or operational purposes. Personal data or sensitive information collected from you is stored for only so long as is necessary for the abovementioned purposes or as otherwise required by law.

The information gathered by the CCREEE website is stored either on the CCREEE’s server or on that of such external contractor as may from time to time be engaged by the CCREEE to manage the site. Such data and information are not transmitted or disclosed to any other entity or used for any other purpose. Such data and information is at all times treated as confidential except where the CCREEE is compelled to make disclosure by any law or by any order or judgment of any court or any other authority of competent jurisdiction or where the CCREEE reasonably believes that disclosure is necessary to protect the rights, safety or security of any individual or any entity (including the CCREEE).

The CCREEE will at all times use its best efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and information collected from users and to protect such personal data and information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Due to the nature of the internet however the CCREEE offers no guarantee to any user that any information transmitted to or held by us or any entity from time to time managing our site will be completely safe and secure from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Neither the CCREEE nor its servants nor agents nor any external contractor managing the CCREEE website shall be held liable in respect of any unauthorized access to or use or disclosure of user information. The above disclaimer shall apply to the fullest extent permissible by law. Your use of this site and submission of data and information to this site shall be on the condition of your acceptance of this risk and these terms and conditions and signifies your acceptance of such risk and said terms and conditions.