New Website Lauded as ‘extremely clear’ and ‘well designed’

New Website Lauded as ‘extremely clear’ and ‘well designed’

On September 1st, CCREEE’s re-designed website was officially launched, with a new look and improved features. There was much excitement surrounding this launch as the Centre held multiple regional competitions to engage our social media audience, our National Focal Institutions and our Thematic Hubs. 

Participants ventured into a virtual hunt where they were asked to search the pages of our website to find a specific image of an LED bulb, for a chance to win. For our second competition, we shifted the attention to wind energy, asking participants to tell us the total number of wind turbines found on the website, for a chance to win a voucher to a selected store in their country, to purchase renewable energy or energy efficiency items. As an institution focused on promoting energy efficiency and affordability in the region, these prizes were most fitting for the CCREEE. Through the competitions, the Centre received valuable feedback on the new website. Visitors remarked: “it’s a great website”, “what an interesting game idea! Congrats on your new website, extremely clear and well designed” and, “this was fun!”.

The CCREEE intends to support winners in adopting technologies such that they can realise the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency and share their gains within their circles, giving the CCREEE the opportunity to share their stories with our audience, as well. The Centre also reached out to another important stakeholder group – the CCREEE team. Within our small team of ten, the CCREEE held an internal scavenger hunt which saw team members enthusiastically searching for an item hidden in the office, based on a riddle provided on that day. The team also searched the website for the hidden light bulb.

Our re-developed website now features a student circuit, with resources to be added for students in energy related fields, a cool feature showing environmental impacts of solar PV performance and information on our programmes such as the Project Preparation Facility (PPF), the CARICOM Energy Knowledge Hub (CEKH) and the Integrated Resource and Resilience Plan (IRRP) programme. 

The competition proved effective as it brought visibility not only to our new and improved website, but also to the CCREEE, while allowing us to give back to the Caribbean Community in an exciting way, furthering our objective to improve the lives of our people and transform the energy space.